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Vicidial is complete hosted contact center solution which is compatible for all type of businesses from small part of Japan to a social hub in the United States, all sorts of organizations trust Vicidial to communicate with members and customers of different call center, business center and community centers around the world. Hosted Vicidial is trusted brand by thousands of businesses and customers.

Hosted vicidial has unlimited numbers of benefits along him as cloud call center software minimizes the physical infrastructures of business and expand the reliability for users and customers. Hosted solution is not only for executives and customers but it also for agents and representatives of business to work remotely from anywhere; it would be an office, home, or somewhere else. .

Services That We Offer


A complete contact suit for Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handing

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All your technical support up-to-date without waiting long and all in your under control
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Accurate Consultancy to find the accurate solution for your business and customers.

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