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Do you facing technical support issue regarding Vicidial call center software? Is there any woes when you operating cloud software, what will you do?
We have simplest and easiest solution for all your problems regarding Vicidial software, our technical specialist will deliver you complete support from startup, configurations with your systems, installation of software if there will any trouble shoot problem, how to create campaign or server problem, then our technical support help you 24/7/365 whenever you need for!
To keep your services professional, exceptional for your customers and to keep your business operations on top our support team always more than happy to serve you and your business.

Troubleshooting and Configuration

Our technical support team will brings complete solutions of your problems regarding support, comfort and reliability, Vicidial software give powers to the call center to offer ultimate prediction, dialing and calling to other end customers, at the same time it enhances the quality of calling, productivity of auto dialing and connecting to your agents which help to improve agents performance and business sales graphs. But achieving them requires some tweaks with the settings to fix VICIDIAL meet the uniqueness of your business. Rely on us for those troubleshooting and configuration needs.

IVR Setup

Vicidial Interactive Voice Response enough to minimize your burden of extra hiring of agents for your business, because IVR technology enough to broadcast your pre-recorded voice messages to other end users, and also record the messages to answering machines.

Voicemail to Email

By using vicidial software, you and your agents will never miss the calls of your business and customers, as all of your missed calls automatically send to your vicidial email account which remains you and your business always on the top. None of the business opportunity will waste, even if there will any call in non-business hours it will directly email on your account.

Carrier and DID Setup

The worst experience business’ customers faced to call international number when they call back to your business center, and the best thing is to show local number to callers screen and charges will be cut for local call. However, setting up the carrier and DID numbers must be implemented correctly to allow the call to be connected without disturbances. As we promise to offer the guaranteed support for your business and customer.

Campaign Setup

If you have full control over the features list software and dialer, it will facilitate your business to grow and make strategy good. Vicidial is auto dialer which dials multiple numbers without wasting more and takes less time to connect. Your business just needs an expert to operate the software and our specialist will help you to start your campaign with the high level of comfort.

Server Security

Vicidial 24 hour in a single day and 7 days in a week, all your worth documents, customer’s data and business secrets are directly saves in your cloud server and to provide your documents security is our first priority. If you will face any problem regarding server backup or anything, our support expert will help you to be your servers and systems safe and secure.

VICIDIAL Logo and Page Customization

When your connect with the hosted dialer and you have authority to use and configure, then you have a right to use your brand logo on dialer and on features list, but if you are facing any problem, then our support team help you to customize your logo and pages.

Call Recording Archive configuration

Calls recording are best way for quality assurance and to check level of services offers to customers. If your vicidial predictive dialer faced any problem to record the calls, stop the recording during live calls and start while calling, get immediate contact with our support team to get rid of from this problem and serve your customer with high quality of services with vicidial.

“Our first priority is to serve you according to your preferences”