“A sophisticated hosting for your inbound, outbound and blended services”

Vicidial is complete call center software solution provider which facilitate users to monitor the all specific aspects of business. Hosted services which minimize the cost of physical and infrastructure cost and maximize the productivity with cloud technology.
Vicidial is absolute “managed hosting service” provider to its users where users just pay the monthly bill over services, in which maintenance charges, installation and subscriptions already added and all the basic maintenance will under control of vendor, users just enjoy the service quality.
Vicidial hosting service is compatible, safe and secure with full features list to provide exceptional service experience and never ending facilities. Executives and agents take pleasure of hosted service, productivity and level of comfort with vicidial hosting service.

“Let host your business with hosted Vicidial”

Leveraging of Vicidial managed hosting

Vicidial hosting has great benefits for its customers and users, they have two different perceptive of benefits

“technical benefits of hosting” and “business benefits of hosting”.

Server Monitoring

1. Server Monitoring

Monitor the server is critical and hard to manage as it is a constantly procedure of scanning the servers to find the irregularities and potential failure of systems. Administration team of our hosting service constantly monitor the server so there will never face any small or big failure in service and enjoy the good uptime and network availability all our customers demand for.


2. Security

Misuse of server mean misuse of worth documents of you and your customers, which mean fail to provide the best, safe and secure service to customers. Our managed hosting admin check and balance the security aspects such as:

  • Running security audits
  • Spam filtering
  • Virus scanning
  • Software firewall configuration
  • OS updates.
Managed Storage

3. Managed storage

The requirement of storage for new company and old company will never same, and our managed hosting service vendors provide you required storage for your business. All this services will be provided by the vendor of server service provider.

Database Management

4. Managed database

Managed database is much same as storage as it would be managed by the well experienced person none of the inexperience person could manage this, Managed Hosting providers typically have DBAs who are, at the minimum, experienced in SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. So if you want to host your server by yourself then you need a well managed admin with the expertise our vendor have.


5. Backups

To lose your worth documents of business is such a big loss, your regularly data backup of your worth files and save in our drives could save you from losing your documents. With our manages hosting service, your worth documents and business data will remain safe and secure from these mishaps.

“Make your business’ efficiency seamless with hosted vicidial“