A complete contact suit for Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handing

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All your technical support up-to-date without waiting long and all in your under control
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Accurate Consultancy to find the accurate solution for your business and customers.

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CRM Integration

Hosted Vicidial has full integration with all over the world’s best Customer Relationship Management software, all you need to integrate your services with vicidial system to enjoy the world best and seamless hosted services. If you and your employees or representatives have exhausted to manage customers worth files on different places, hard to manage the sales graphs, not even had any strategy how to achieve the goals and how to make strategies for future purposes, so all you need is Vicidial hosted software with complete and without any woes integrations with CRM software to perform your business activity seamless and tireless.

High Level of Data Preservation

The success and failure of any business depends on—how secure system they provide to their customers and what are the strategies to preserve the worth data of customers. Hosted Vicidial has high level of data preservation to share customer’s data information and documents, where allotted a specific IP addresses, username and password to executives and agents to log into the panel.
Hosted Vicidial software has IVR technology for safe and secure transactions of your payments and money. An IVR technology connected to customers with and without recording option, and your business card and personal information always remain personal and secure with our high level of data preservation system.

Reason Behind the Selection of Us

Hosted Vicidial cloud call center software has many reasons to be selected as a service provider, the best reason to choose our services and products is: hosted software cut the cost of physical infrastructure, servers and systems which means our software is affordable and reliable, representatives and customers enjoy the HD calling quality that the reason why our customers never missed a single chances to increase the sales graph, Vicidail software is another name of satisfaction and trusted more than 100 countries and 14,000+ installation around the world.

Experience the world’s best selectivity “Hosted Software” for best productivity


Hosted Vicidial is complete solution for contact and customer service center, as it eradicate the hassle of manual dialing, physical servers to save worth data and documents, cut the cost of infrastructure, expand the expertise of executives and agents to maximize their business productivity and sales graphs. All you need to start a new contact center or business is Hosted Vicidial software, installation over system and integration with website for seamless services.


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